About to Vijnana Bindu

VIJNANA BINDU is a voluntary non-governmental development organization. It is engaged in building a new civil society through its grass roots to policy level action in Education, Environment, Health, Women and Child, Social Welfare and Community development sectors. Acting as a key promoter-facilitator in the community’s efforts towards self reliance and empowerment.

Our Motto

Science for peace and science for development.

Our Vision

Develop scientific attitude and scientific temper through science education for social, economical and cultural progress.

Our Mission

To strive for all round development of the generation by educating them to imbibe conceptual learning and social commitment.

Our Emblem

A circular shaped emblem comprises a big tree at the centre with water as its background, which supports all forms of life including birds, animals, humans and all living beings. This also symbolizes the ecological balance and different ecosystems.

A child symbolizes the joy of learning and importance of education. Lightening represents the source of energy and finally atomic structure represents overall development. All these figures are surrounded by two circles. In between the two circles and at the upper part organization name is mentioned in Kannada and below part it is in English.

Our inspiration

Experiences got from the campaigns like Bharath Jnana Vijnana Jatha 1990, Bharath Jana Jnana Vijnana Jatha 1992, Total Literacy Campaign (TLC), children’s summer camps, children’s Balotsavas, Joy of Learning (JOL), Chinnara mela, environmental study camps, Cosmic Voyage Program (CVP) 1993-97 and Book Jatha 1994-95.

Interest of the volunteers to popularize and promote science and Technology for the harmonious social development by introducing novelty in teaching and learning process and make it more interesting and enjoyable.

Aspirations of enthusiastic people working in the People Science Movement (PSM), since 1980’s intended to develop scientific attitude and scientific temper among the people.

Our Focus areas
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Social welfare and cultural harmony
  • Research and study
Education Projects Undertaken
  • Astronomy
  • Environment
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Teachers training
  • Rural development
  • Women education and development
  • Girl child programs
  • Health programs
  • Study skill development
  • Trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Summer camps
  • Youth programs
  • Educational training for SDMC members
  • Educational trips
  • Entrepreneurship and consumers awareness
  • Publications
  • Production of audio visuals
  • Production of models
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