What we do @ Vijnana Bindu

What we do

Vijnana Bindu is developing local, innovative and cost effective solutions to sustain community driven progress through multidisciplinary integrated scientific methods and approaches. Vijnana Bindu is rooted to its values of Humanity, Peace, Progress and Prosperity through social and cultural harmony. This is reflected in its program design and delivery, transaction with its stakeholders, resource utilization and disclosures.

Buying in support from the community, working in healthy partnership with the government, quasi government and private sectors and sharing its experiences with likeminded organizations have been the hallmark or Vijnana Bindu’s evolution over the past fifteen years.

Who we are

A group of socially engaged thinkers interested to work with people for a social cause. We have teaching as our professional background. We are finding ourselves in People Science Movement at national level. Through our experience we felt the need of innate abilities and potentialities are required for learning. These can be facilitated naturally through non-formal or informal ways. We have started Vijnana Bindu with the idea of making teaching-learning process more interesting and enjoyable through science education

Our inspiration

Experiences got from the campaigns like Bharath Jnana Vijnana Jatha 1990, Bharath Jana Jnana Vijnana Jatha 1992, Total Literacy Campaign (TLC), children’s summer camps, children’s Balotsavas, Joy of Learning (JOL), Chinnara mela, environmental study camps, Cosmic Voyage Program (CVP) 1993-97 and Book Jatha 1994-95.

Interest of the volunteers to popularize and promote science and Technology for the harmonious social development by introducing novelty in teaching and learning process and make it more interesting and enjoyable.

Aspirations of enthusiastic people working in the People Science Movement (PSM), since 1980’s intended to develop scientific attitude and scientific temper among the people.

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